Equifax has admitted that up to 145 million Americans were victimized by the data breach with their personal information (including name, addresses, tradelines, date of birth, social security number and even some driver license information in some cases) exposed to criminals.  Unlike with a data breach of a particular credit card number, there is no simple step to protect yourself. 

You may have received a letter from Equifax confirming that you are a victim of the data breach; if not, this website will instruct you how to check online to see if Equifax confirms you are a victim.

Criminals can use the information not just to apply for credit, but to apply for income tax refunds, to obtain health care treatment without paying, or to obtain employment or government welfare benefits.  They could also try to access consumers’ bank accounts by calling banks and using the stolen information to pose as you so that the password can be reset.
This is a disaster.

Already there are dozens of class actions that have been filed.  But those class actions will take years to resolve, with much of the initial time spent by attorneys jockeying for position to be the “lead counsel” on the consolidated cases.  In the end, because of their sheer size, members of the class can expect no more than nominal compensation such as free credit monitoring.

Therefore, the Lakeshore Law Center has decided to file individual cases on behalf of victims who are California residents.  A limited number of individuals, 50 persons, will be consolidated together into a “group” (not class) action.    The group actions can proceed more swiftly and move toward a settlement much sooner.  In our 30 years of experience, we expect that an individual who joins a group action with limited numbers of members will receive substantially more compensation and substantially sooner, than will the members of the class actions. 

If you want to start or join the individual lawsuit, click the button to “Join Now” and you will be screened for eligibility.  So far, more than 350 persons have already joined lawsuits my office has filed and lawsuits for hundreds of additional persons will soon be filed.  This will give us tremendous leverage when the time comes to negotiate a settlement and you should do much better than just being a member of a class.
The Lakeshore Law Center will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no cost to you unless a recovery is obtained.

Attorney Jeffrey Wilens will Fight for You

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The Lakeshore Law Center is now inviting California residents affected by the Equifax data breach to join a lawsuit against Equifax for money damages. Mr. Jeffrey Wilens of the Lakeshore Law Center would be representing you. He is a graduate of top-ten law school U. C. Berkeley (Boalt Hall) and has more than 30 years of legal experience.


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